Moonlit Haze

Moonlit Haze Cover

Moonlit Haze


What a predicament for Garfield Hayes…

His brother’s childhood sweetheart may be all grown up, but she’s just as meddling and annoying as she used to be. And she doesn’t even remember him!

The last thing this reclusive writer wants to do is let her, and her straggly mutt, inside his mountain cabin. But, what else can he do when faced with a power outage, a blizzard, and a bridge too damaged to cross?

He could let her freeze to death. Perhaps the better option would be to let his own frozen heart thaw just a little…

This romantic comedy, set in the 1950’s will leave you in stitches. And maybe a little bit in love, too.

Rated M for mature. Contains some language and sexual situations.


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