Broken and Beautiful Series

Broken and Beautiful


“He doesn’t love me…”

After living with her boyfriend Kyle for three years, Casey’s finally realized the truth. Even her closest friends, Aster and Matt, are protecting her from Kyle’s secrets.

But Aster has relationship problems of her own. It’s not just that Matt has no career ambition. Suddenly he’s decided to become a Jesus freak.

These four friends think they’ve been through everything together, but a shattering event is about to test the bounds of their love and their faith. In the wake of true tragedy, who will rise? And who will fall?

This contemporary romance deals with friendship and love, and our human condition. We all have stories, both uplifting and traumatic. We all have strengths and flaws, and deep wounds that have a way of steering our choices, some wise and some not. Get to know Matt, Casey, Kyle and Aster, discover what their demons are, and find out if any of them have the courage to escape and overcome!

Rated M for mature. Contains graphic language and adult situations. But you just might need tissues!

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Fragile and Fierce

~ the sequel to Broken and Beautiful ~


Drunk and Disorderly…

That’s what she was the ominous night Ryan finally saw Aster again. But she wants nothing to do with him and neither do her friends, Casey and Kyle. Why would they? Ryan knows he can never live up to Aster’s dead husband’s legacy.

Kyle believes his marriage to Casey is going great, despite past traumas. Except that now he’s faced with a life-threatening decision Casey can’t abide—a decision that could destroy them forever.

With too many choices, and a child’s wellbeing at stake, love won’t be enough to sustain any of them… or is it the only thing that can?

Rated M for mature. Contains graphic language and adult situations.

E-book regular price ONLY $3.99!

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